Brac University Business Club (BIZ BEE)

Welcome to BIZ BEE, one of the Largest Business Clubs in Bangladesh from Brac University


Our Overview

As one of the largest and most prestigious student business clubs in the country, Brac University Business Club (BIZ BEE) offers its members an exclusive platform to develop their interactive skills and learn true leadership qualities while simultaneously building a network with industry professionals and reputed minds.

With our new vision of “Empowering People with Inspirational Leadership,” we’re working relentlessly to groom our members as the future leaders of this world.

The six diverse departments of the club with members from diversified backgrounds across the world enhance BIZ BEE’s potential and dynamic, encouraging students to bring change in the business world through their knowledge.

We believe everyone has strengths, and by discovering them, anyone can be a change-maker. We always inspire talented minds to join the team and add value to both the club and their portfolios. We help our members find their true potential by throwing them challenging tasks.

With equal emphasis towards social responsibilities and professional etiquette, BIZ BEE ensures overall growth and creates a medium for hundreds of students to implement their academic knowledge in the practical world.


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Upcoming Events

Casessination 2.0

Casessination 2.0

Casessination 2.0facebooklinkedininstagramIspahani presents “Casessination 2.0”, a 360 degree marketing case competition! Brac University Business Club (BIZ BEE) is back with bigger and better opportunities to assassinate business setbacks and emerge as the ultimate...

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