E-Carnival is a signature event by Brac University Business Club (BIZ BEE) which creates a platform for e-commerce businesses across the country to gain popularity, as well as show and sell their products or services. The event was held on the Brac University campus to give students, staff, and faculties alike a place to gather for fun and shop. By including various online businesses, setting up stalls and engaging with target customers, the E-Carnival managed to attract various groups based on their preferences. Alongside that, the event also hosts games to attract more diverse groups. The last E-Carnival was arranged for the 4th time in 2019. E-Carnival 4.0, where a total of 18 entrepreneurs were welcome to showcase and sell their products, including brands such as Notedboard, Pickaboo, PBS bookstore, Mad Koffe, Butter, BD Badges House, etc.

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