Que sera, sera

Mysha Sadman
Sub Executive of Research & Publication | BIZ BEE

Oct 26, 2021 

Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future’s not ours to see.


These are some of the lines from Doris Day’s song “Que sera, sera”. The literal translation of this Latin idiom means, “What will be, will be”. In other words, the inevitable cannot be denied. Despite being sure of the uncertainty, you and I gamble our lives for the uncertain and unforeseeable future.

Ingrained in our hearts and perfected through time, this obsession of chasing the unattainable has managed to live through the droughts and downpours of the world and seeped into our daily lives now. Falling prey to history, we too have given into the works of the devil. Now, we chase after someone else’s unattainable, unrealistically glorified goals and set ourselves and our lives on fire. Regardless of the unknown, we chase after things that aren’t rightfully ours. This indomitable rush to an unknown finish line ends up getting us stuck in a pit of self-loathing, jealousy, and despair. When the bubble pops, we realize that all this time we were running after someone else’s happiness that had nothing to do with our own.

The more we run away from reality and try to grasp the unattainable, the more we end up losing what we hold valuable to ourselves. Life is like a busy highway, when we try to overtake it, our chances of survival get worse and the risks of getting into a sticky situation get higher. Let’s not be that person honking at others and rushing past the most beautiful sceneries. Let’s learn to appreciate the wild and fascinating world filled with impossible possibilities. Unwind, slow down and drive at Neutral, that way we will never miss out on what is important for us now and what will be. There is no certainty for what lies ahead and nothing we do now can ever prevent or prepare us for what’s to come. So, it’s better to get drenched in the rain and enjoy the earthy smell than biting nails to the skin and worrying about a fever. Regret is inevitable so why not take a chance and make the most of today. Because, Que sera, sera. What will be, will be.


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